Use hard surface modeling to
Software used
ZBrush 4R4, Photoshop CS6, After Effects CS6, Maya 2012
What you will learn
In this tutorial we will use ZBrush's hard surface modeling techniques to build a mechanical creature. The idea here is to become more familiar with hard surface creation in ZBrush. we will begin with some custom brush creation and then move on to creating our own custom meshes to be used in conjunction with ZBrush's Insert Mesh tools.

Next, using a rough concept sculpt as a guide, we will explore different mesh creation methods such as mask extraction and ZSpheres topology building to create the different parts of our robotic creature. we will take some BPR renders of the creature into Photoshop and After Effects, where we will put together a complete final image. By the end, we will have the understanding necessary to create any number of hard surface models and bring them to a fully-realized render.
Guest Tutor
Brad Groatman

40 Lessons

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