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Topology Tools in ZBrush
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Released Sep 1, 2012
In this series of tutorials, we will discuss the various topology functions in ZBrush and how they can be used in your projects. The topology, or edge flow, of our polygon meshes is important as we create our projects in ZBrush. Good topology can mean fewer overall polygons are needed to reflect the detail we want. Good edge flow is also important when creating final meshes that require animation. ZBrush provides a number of great tools that allow artists to customize the topology of their meshes- tools like the Topology Brush and QRemesher. ZBrush's topology tools can also be used to selective replace local areas with new topology and to create entirely new meshes for things like masks, hoods, capes, or other accessories. This course goes over the different Topology creation options in ZBrush and talks about some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. In the end you'll be able to decide which methods you like the best when modifying the topology of your own ZBrush projects.