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Software used
3DEqualizer4, Maya 2012, Composite 2012
What you will learn
In this tutorial we will learn how to do an object tracking inside of 3DEqualizer. We will start by explaining what is important for the preparation of an object tracking shot. Then we will see how to shoot a grid in order to later calibrate a lens to remove it's distortion. We will also take a look at the surveyed tracking method before we track our first shot. We will then take a look at the tools available in 3DEqualizer to improve a solution or to find out some unknown parameters. We will then set up our scene in Maya after having undistorted our footage with the warp module of 3DEqualizer. Then, we will render our CG elements with the mental ray render passes combine them back together inside of Composite. Following that is a final bonus lesson where the shot we have is a bit more challenging to solve.
Guest Tutor
Jean-Michel Bihorel