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Narrative Scene Creation in ZBrush
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Released Aug 1, 2012
In this series of ZBrush tutorials, we will go through the process of creating a narrative scene from scratch using ZBrush. ZBrush is a great tool for creating assets for film or games, and it's also a great way to set up and render entire scenes that can tell a story. In this course, we'll create a hunt scene taking place on a microscopic level. We'll build up the creatures and characters from zspheres through the sculpting and posing process. We'll use noise to add detail to our models and we'll create the terrain and set dressing from scratch. We set up a material to mimic the look of an image from an electron microscope and we'll create a final render in ZBrush that we can tweak slightly in Photoshop. In the end you'll have a fun final image, but you'll also have gone through the entire scene creation process so you'll have the tools you need to begin creating your own custom scenes.