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Learn the process to
Software used
ZBrush 4R3
What you will learn
In this ZBrush tutorial we will learn how to sculpt and texture a detailed monster. Throughout these series of lessons we will cover all of the aspects of designing a scary creature within ZBrush using alternative techniques. In the first video we will see some examples of scary imagery as well as a sneak peek of an upcoming short film which is all covered up with the word "fear". Eventually, we will start blocking out the main shapes using a very simple base mesh sculpted from a 3D sphere, detail it, texture it using just simple brushes and alphas and add some quick fur. At the end, we will render out a turntable and talk about creativity, workflows and how to design your imagination with the help of TM: Transcendental Meditation.
Guest Tutor
Fabrizio Bortolussi