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Software used
Mudbox 2013
What you will learn
In this series of Mudbox tutorials, we will talk about some of the Mudbox tools and techniques that can be used when working on environments. When working in CG, a bulk of the work can be in creating believable environments. Everything from slick sci-fi corridors, to post-apocalyptic landscapes needs to be built. Mudbox can be a great part of this workflow. In this course, we'll look at methods for quickly creating rocks and terrain. We'll talk about integrating photographic detail into your sculpts and textures. You'll learn to create seamless textures and sculpted detail by Editing Stencils and using Tiling Planes. We'll talk about adding age and wear to textures and using sculpt layers to create a very flexible way of quickly combining different kinds of detail. We won't create one project, but rather look at a variety of small examples to illustrate the different tools. Once done, you'll have a good idea of how you can start to integrate Mudbox into your environment creation workflow
Justin Marshall