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from concept to high-resolution sculpt
Software used
ZBrush 4R2
What you will learn
In this ZBrush tutorial we will go through the creation of a digital maquette from the very concept stage to the final high resolution sculpt. Throughout these lessons we will use the DynaMesh feature in ZBrush as a concept tool to explore our ideas and define the character's gesture. From there, we will then start the sculpting process defining primary forms and structure before adding secondary forms and muscles volumes. Finally we will go through sculpting fine wrinkles and skin details for a very realistic skin surface. Along the way we will explore the use of FiberMesh to create fur and add realism to our character as well as the posing stage. The final steps will be the creation of realistic HDRI based light solutions to render the various passes to be used for the final illustration.
Guest Tutor
Federico Scarbini

33 Lessons

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