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Utilizing Shading Networks in Softimage
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Released Mar 1, 2012
In this series of Softimage tutorials, we will learn about several shading network combinations and general Render Tree workflows that are essential for any Softimage rendering artist. We will begin by learning about some of the different map types that we can use in our shading networks, such as bump maps, displacement maps, as well as transparency and opacity maps. We will also learn how to layer and composite multiple textures together within our shading networks, we will learn how to interactively mix and combine multiple materials on the same object, we will learn how shader compounds can be used to organize our Render Tree networks, and many additional topics that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Softimage Render Tree. If this is your first time working with materials and textures in Softimage, we highly recommend viewing our 'Beginner's Guide to Shading Networks in Softimage' before attempting to go through this course. This Beginner's Guide will teach foundational workflows and terminology that are important for you to understand before attempting to view this tutorial.