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Creating an Aged Character and Artifacts in ZBrush and Maya
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Released Feb 11, 2013
In this tutorial we will follow the entire process of creating an illustration from modeling and texturing, to lighting and rendering out a final composite.

Throughout these lessons we will go through the process of creating a 3D illustration from scratch. We will block out the character's shape using ZSpheres in ZBrush, then systematically add layers of sculpted detail to our character as we go. We will jump between ZBrush and Maya to utilize the strengths of each program, utilize a combination of PolyPainting in ZBrush and procedural texturing in Photoshop to give our meshes diffuse and bump maps, and composite our final render passes in After Effects, where we can play around with some post production flourishes.

By the end of this training, we'll have experience taking a general concept and allowing the work itself to shape our vision of the final product.