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Creature Concept Sculpting in ZBrush
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Released Dec 1, 2011
In this ZBrush tutorial we will learn how to sculpt a creature for use in TV, film or print. Over the course of this tutorial we will look at how to sculpt a Wolfman creature concept using ZBrush. Once our base mesh has been created in Maya, we will use industry-proven techniques to block out and then add anatomical and fine detail before creating a custom brush and alpha to easily and intuitively add dense fur detail. We will then look at some of the new BPR rendering features that are new inside of ZBrush 4R2 to render out a turntable that replicates the look of a vinyl maquette. The final sculpt could be used to get approval for a design from a director as the base for a hero character model for TV, film, games or to be printed out and used as a vinyl statue.