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Using the Sound Effector in CINEMA 4D
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Released Aug 4, 2010
In this tutorial we will learn to use the Sound Effector to create animated sequences in CINEMA 4D. CINEMA 4D provides us with a number of really interesting tools that we can use to quickly animate our geometry. By using cloner objects in combination with different effectors, we can achieve some complex looking results very quickly. One of these effectors, the Sound Effector, will allow us to drive animated transforms of our objects and Cloners based on a song or other sound file. We'll explore the basics of the Sound Effector and use an abstract project as an opportunity to create a variety of effects. We can also isolate different frequencies using the Sound Effector so only a portion of the sound has any effect. We can also use the Sound Effector to drive the color of our objects. Once you're done with this tutorial, you'll have a good understanding of how the Sound Effector works in CINEMA 4D, and you'll be ready to incorporate it into your own projects.