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Developing Expert Product Visualizations in Maya and V-Ray
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Released Sep 16, 2013
In this tutorial we will learn how to model a product, in this example a mini soundboard, from concept to the final render.

We will learn how to take a simple 2D sketch and turn it into a realistic model, ready to be presented as a pre-visualization mock-up. We will learn how to create a simple studio lighting setup to present our model in, by using the powerful V-Ray Blend Material to create highly customizable non-destructive shaders.

We will also learn how to create a wide variety of realistic yet simple shaders using the V-Ray Material. Finally, we will look at the powerful Render Elements that V-Ray has to offer, to create our final image in post.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have the knowledge to create your own concept models and get some beautiful renders for your product pre-visualization.