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Creative Perspective Techniques for Artists in Photoshop CS6
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Released Sep 2, 2013
By utilizing the perspective techniques covered in this training you will be able to strengthen the perspective in your own compositions; whether you're drawing, painting, or working in 3D.

We'll begin this process with a review of basic perspective and how it can allow us to create forms accurately in space. From there we'll focus on how to draw a pyramid, an ellipse, and how to proportionately and successively place objects in space using one-point perspective.

Following this, we'll explore some intermediate lessons on two-point perspective where we'll learn how to create a cylinder, draw a house, and a visualization exercise on how we can add three dimensional forms into a photo. Finally we'll learn how to draw from a bird's eye point of view using three-point perspective and end with another visualization exercise where we'll learn how to place a three dimensional form accurately into a photo.