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Lesson 4. Affecting particles with fields - geyser / fountain
In this lesson we will learn how to create a sprinkler system in Maya Topics covered in this video: Creating geometry to control the particles; Adding randomness using Spread; Adding Fields to a particle system.
Software used
Maya 2008 and up
What you will learn
Learn a how to create dynamic simulations and effects with creative projects and practical examples using particles, fields, soft bodies, and rigid bodies. Contains over 5 hours of project-based training and guides artists new to dynamics step-by-step through a proven approach to generating effects and simulations efficiently. Popular highlights include: Introduction to Particle Systems; Understanding Rigid Body Simulations; Overview of Dynamic Fields; Setting up Simulations; Particle Instancing; Rendering Particles with Maya Hardware; Software and Hardware Render Buffer; Fire Effects; Smoke Effects; Lightning; Fireworks; Explosive Effects; Attaching Particles to Curves; Creating Soft Body Effects; Colliding Particles with Surfaces; Rigid Body Simulations with Weighted Objects; Particles Interaction with Rigid Bodies;
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