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The Asset Library

The Asset Library
Unlock the Toy Box.

Download assets for additional practice
Download assets for additional practice
Download assets to use in your demo reel
Download assets to use in your demo reel
Assets available in OBJ, FBX and .MA
Assets available in OBJ, FBX and .MA


  • Horse Gallop
    Horse Gallop
  • Bird Blocked Landing
    Bird Blocked Landing
  • MoonRover Moon Drive
    MoonRover Moon Drive
  • PigBoy Dance
    PigBoy Dance
  • Jenga Set Falls
    Jenga Set Falls
  • FireFly Landing
    FireFly Landing


  • LavaLamp
  • Sports Watch
    Sports Watch
  • Biker
  • Jet Bike
    Jet Bike
  • Building Cartoon
    Building Cartoon
  • Sculpture 02
    Sculpture 02


  • Blue Jeans_mat
    Blue Jeans_mat
  • Plastic Orange Rough_mib
    Plastic Orange Rough_mib
  • Leather Black_mat
    Leather Black_mat
  • Chrome Table Legs_dgs
    Chrome Table Legs_dgs
  • Patio Stone_mia
    Patio Stone_mia
  • Colorshift Iridescent_mia
    Colorshift Iridescent_mia


  • Cartoon Boy (rigged)
    Cartoon Boy (rigged)
  • Biker (rigged)
    Biker (rigged)
  • Turret (rigged)
    Turret (rigged)
  • Pig Boy (rigged)
    Pig Boy (rigged)
  • Fire Fly (rigged)
    Fire Fly (rigged)
  • Robot (rigged)
    Robot (rigged)


  • Sitting Room (Mental Ray)
    Sitting Room (Mental Ray)
  • Volcano
  • Wall Scene
    Wall Scene
  • Zen Garden (Mental Ray)
    Zen Garden (Mental Ray)


  • Law Firm Logo
    Law Firm Logo
  • Sci-Fi Robot
    Sci-Fi Robot
  • Skate Board Zombie
    Skate Board Zombie
  • Angry Taco
    Angry Taco

Reference Images

  • Saleen (Reference Images)
    Saleen (Reference Images)
  • BMW (Reference Image)
    BMW (Reference Image)
  • Raptor (Reference Images)
    Raptor (Reference Images)
  • Concept Bike (Reference Images)
    Concept Bike (Reference Images)
  • Swiss Knife (Reference Images)
    Swiss Knife (Reference Images)
  • Cartoon Character (Reference Images)
    Cartoon Character (Reference Images)